Revisiting the Benefits of Waste Management Machinery: Be part of the Solution.

Revisiting the Benefits of Waste Management Machinery: Be part of the Solution.

Revisiting the Benefits of Waste Management Machinery: Be part of the Solution! 

In these times of increasing urbanization and heightened environmental challenges, it’s a good idea to re-evalute solutions that can help our country’s seemingly insurmountable waste disposal setbacks. Are we still capable of resolving this? Can our current system still keep up with these challenges? 

We revisit the Top 8 benefits of Waste Management Machinery and how it can affect our daily life, today and for the coming years ahead. 

Waste Disposal Efficiency for every Community

As the world’s ‘Sachet Economy’, the World Bank itself estimates that Filipinos consume around 163 million pieces of sachet every day. This, in itself, targets why we need machinery or mechanical help by the bulk, our waste volume is already too high for us keep up with the daily surge of waste generation.

In perspective, Waste Management Machinery include Shredders, Compactors, Bioreactors and Conveyor systems which drastically improve waste processing efficiency. These Machines reduce waste volume, facilitate sorting for recycling, and maximize resource recovery. Efficient yes, but what else can we earn from this?

Cost Reduction and Additional Revenue – We need this, right?

Did you know know that in both Philippine communities and businesses, waste management or ‘throwing garbage’ represents a significant expense? Based on this article: In 2017, MMDA in Metro Manila alone paid Php1,764,490,000 of fees for garbage collection. In 2021, this number reached to a staggering Php3B mark. 

That said, waste machinery can greatly minimize costs associated with waste collection, transportation, and disposal. The recovered resources from recycling can also contribute to cost savings and even generate additional revenue streams. I.e. Eco Bricks, Cardboard, Charcoal and more! Win-win for the community and the environment. Yes, moving on to the Environment.

Minimized Environmental Impact: Protecting Our Natural Resources

This article in earth.Org reveals that – In 2019, the Philippines is the World’s biggest Ocean polluter. Let that sink in – the biggest. We were responsible for 36.38% of global ocean plastic waste in that year alone. 

Right now, improper waste disposal in the communities harm the environment,  causing resource depletion, habitat destruction eventually leading to the polluting of oceans.

If there are Waste Management facilities and Machinery, it will aid communities and businesses in responsible waste handling, reducing the environmental footprint by promoting recycling, composting, and waste-to-energy conversion thereby protecting our seas and oceans. 

General Well-being, Mental Health and a Better Quality of Life.

Every Filipino deserves a liveable and comfortable environment. In reference to the National Counseling and Psychotherapy Society  in the UK, a person’s mental health is greatly affected by his environment. Some of the factors mentioned include: 

  • Environmental pollution. Growing up around ‘dirty air’ quadruples a child’s chance of developing depression later in life. This may be related to other environmental factors (polluted areas typically combine more of the factors on this list than just air pollution), but the risk is still worth noted.
  • Lack of access to green spaces. Access to green or naturally beautiful spaces has a massively positive impact upon mental health. To be trapped within concrete jungles means never getting the mental benefits of fresh air, green leaves and so on.
  • Oppressive’ untidiness. Untidiness makes us anxious on an instinctive and on a personal level. Instinctively, we are programmed to have a degree of anxiety about mess due to the health hazard it may present. Personally, people in messy environments may become anxious about what others may think of their living conditions, the time it will take to clean up, and so on.

Unfortunately, in urban or even rural communities, there is often a presence of accumulated waste which attract pests, spread diseases, and tarnish the visual appeal of surroundings, affecting the mental health of citizens living nearby. 

Machinery ensure that wastes are processed efficiently, mitigating health risks and creating cleaner, healthier, and more aesthetically pleasing and liveable environments.

Regulatory Compliance and A Good Reputation in the Community

Adhering to waste management regulations is not only a legal obligation but also an ethical responsibility. The challenge is to take the lead by demonstrating decisive and systematic action in altering the waste management landscape in the country. 

Communities and businesses that prioritize proper waste management demonstrate social responsibility, adding to their resume some prestigious credentials that positively impacts their reputation among residents, customers, and investors.     

Clean Up The Country 

As city populations grow, the volume of waste generated escalates. According to DENR, In 2020, Metro Manila produced 3,466,469 metric tons of garbage. To which the World Bank confirms that this high volume is due to insufficent solid waste management infrastructure. 

We need Waste management machineries which are indispensable, especially for densely populated areas where traditional waste management methods may be insufficient to cope with the scale of waste produced. The huge task of cleaning up the country can only be accomplished by acquiring the appropriate machinery. 

Preparedness and Resiliency in Environmental Disasters:

The Philippines is more often at the center stage of Climate change-induced events, such as storms and floods, which heavily exacerbates waste-related issues in our country. 

Efficient machineries allow communities and businesses to manage waste, effectively avoiding climate-related issues, even in the face of disasters, preventing further environmental damage. We believe that prevention is better than experiencing the pains of a natural disaster, especially when solutions were presented but lacked appropriate action. 

Initial Cost, Maintenance and ROI

The good news is we are well-equipped to assist you. Aaron Industrial Enterprises presents industrial machinery that stands on par with offerings from international suppliers. Meaning, we can manufacture heavy duty, cost effective and reliable machinery, without the hassle of an almost non-existent after sales support. 

Accordingly, we put to the table not just an accessible, machine fabrication and after-sales team, but also product and service warranty agreements. Our Service Warranty also supports our commitment to help realize ROI, while helping solve the community’s waste management issues. 

We have to work, together.

The benefits of obtaining waste management machineries are extensive and varied, ranging from economic advantages to environmental protection.  Based on the numbers, along with the race to drastically improve our garbage situation, we can say that; 

‘There is an urgent call to plan and execute a system for waste management machineries in the country. The traditional and inefficient processes in current operation are no longer as effective as we need them to’

Furthermore, with the current state of the world, marked by rapid urbanization, heightened environmental concerns, and the need for sustainable practices – communities and businesses are compelled to integrate these machineries ASAP. 

Although there can be solution at hand, we have to take a step. 

-A step for businesses to cooperate, prioritize and take immediate action in planning for a waste management process and machineries involved. 

– A step for our govenment, along with the LGUs to plan and allocate resources and personnel for a waste management facility, and to consistently enforce laws regarding proper waste handling. 

To end, by embracing these technologies, we take a significant step toward building resilient, efficient, and happy communities for every Filipino. 

Ready to inquire and explore our Machineries? Or secure a quotation? Send us an email at and we would be happy to discuss solutions with you. 

Aaron Industrial Enterprises is a leading fabricator of Industrial and Waste Management Machinery. Our machines are heavy duty, reliable and duty-free. Proudly Philippine-made, with an accesible machine fabrication and after-sales support. Talk to our team now.

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